JAPANeid: Your Memento of Japan

    Let’s share the Muslim-friendly tastes of Japan with the world!

    Combining 'JAPAN' and the Arabic word 'EID'— JAPANeid (pronounced as ‘Japaniid’) is all about bringing you a variety of classic, traditional and exclusive Japanese snacks & treats that Muslims can also enjoy.

    • Within Japan: Enjoy special souvenir sets of Japanese treats packed in a Japanese-style packaging
    • [LIVE] Online Shop: Enjoy different assorted snacks & treats delivered straight from Japan via worldwide shipping


    Japanese snacks are widely known for being delicious, with some never-before-seen variety and unique packaging. But we often see and heard foreigners with dietary restrictions, including Muslims, finding it hard to pick out what they can eat.

    OUR MISSION is to help Muslims in any way possible to have a great journey in Japan by sharing the grooviest and much-loved Japanese treats and food products. We wish this could help increase the Muslim-friendly/Halal options of Japan. 
    Of course, people other than Muslims are more than welcome to munch with JAPANeid!

    So help us share the word on the Muslim-friendly Japanese delights to the world. Make sure to add #japaneid when you post on social media! Feel free to tag us too (^_-)

    Muslim-Friendly Policy

    We are not a Halal certification organization. Most of the included items are not halal-certified BUT they are safe/suitable for Muslims to enjoy. We curate based on this policy.

    See Full Muslim-friendly Policy

    WITHIN JAPAN: JAPANeid Souvenir Sets


    Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, the KIMONO Pouch comes in different designs such as the lighter version of the kimono, or the Japanese coat often worn in Japanese festivals. You may get a different version according to seasons and the likes, but that’s another fun thing you can look forward to!

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    WAGARA (written as 和柄 in kanji) translates into traditional Japanese patterns or designs that you can often see in kimono or other textiles. With the WAGARA Pouch, you’ll get 8+ Muslim-suitable Japanese snacks.
    You can reuse this stylish pouch to keep your wallet, prayer accessories and other personal items.
    There are various designs waiting for you, so what kind of design will you get? That’s another exciting thing for you to look out for!

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    A perfect summer treat! Taste these jelly-like traditional Japanese sweet ‘Mizu Youkan’ that are available in 2 flavors: Red Bean & Matcha Green Tea.
    What’s more, they can be stored in room temperature for 2 YEARS!!

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    Can’t find any nearby halal restaurants? This set got your dinner covered with this spicy tomato curry and a nice peach cheesecake dessert to end your meal!

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    Craving for some Japanese sweets? Get ready to get your sweets fix with traditional Japanese rice crackers, halal-certified healthy sweets and more.

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    Address 3 Chome-27-17 Yoshino, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, 553-0006 Japan
    Open Lunch / 11:00am–2:00pm
    Dinner / 5:00pm–9:00pm
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    Close Wednesday, Thursday
    TEL 06-6940-6633
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    [Nearest Station]
    1-min walk from Exit 7 of Noda-Hanshin Station on Sennichimae Subway Line.
    5-min walk south from Noda Station on the Hanshin Railway.
    5-min walk from Noda Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line.
    5-min walk from Ebie Station on the JR Tozai Line.


    Feel Japan Even At Your Home

    Enjoy awesome snack combos, with newly released treats too, delivered straight from Japan to your doorsteps!
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