Get Your Snacks Delivered on Your Japan Trip

    Confirm With Your Hotel

    Before ordering, please confirm with your accommodation in advance whether they

    • Accept delivery goods (as some hotels in Japan don't)
    • How far in advance they can accept the delivery goods.

    When Placing Your Order...

    Please check the Google Calendar (in footer) and place your order at least:

    • 4 business days prior your desired arrival date (for Hokkaido & Okinawa)
    • 3 business days prior your desired arrival date (other than Hokkaido & Okinawa)

    Buy for Family & Friends

    You can make Bulk Purchases! BUT if your order can't fit in this box, an additional fee will be charged separately.

    *The box in the picture is only for reference.

    Choose Your Bundle

    After you've chosen your bundle...

    Please press "Yes I have checked" after you checked with your hotel/ accommodation

    Please keep in mind that once delivered, we are not responsible if you're unable to retrieve package on the requested arrival date due to change in your stay schedule.

    If you understand, please press "I understand"

    Start Your Ordering Process

    1. Place your item in the cart and set the quantity

    2. Click "View Cart"

    Check out

    3. Choose "Local Delivery" and choose your desired arrival date

    4. Click "Check out"

    Choose Your Payment

    5. If you choose express checkout (paypal/apple pay/google pay), please don't forget to change the address to your hotel/ accommodation address in Japan.


    Scroll down if you're not doing express check out

    Fill in the Delivery Info

    6. Insert your name and your accommodation/ hotel address

    7. The shipping method section will appear as 'Local Delivery' (as shown here)

    If you need to add your hotel booking number etc., contact us after you complete your order OR write it beside your name like this👇

    [Example] Umai (Ref: 1234567)

    Fill in Payment Info

    8. Choose between the available payment option

    9. Fill in the payment information

    Complete Payment!

    10. Click "Pay now"!

    You're all set! Your snacks are waiting for you~