What is Muslim-Friendly?

    Muslim-friendly means safe/suitable for Muslims to enjoy. This is a common term used in Muslim-minority countries like Japan where a lot of products and manufacturer have little knowledge about the Muslim world and Halal certification. Although the product has no Halal certification, it has been checked to be safe for Muslims 's consumption.

    • Check Labels

      We examine the snacks based on the ingredient label that arrived with the packaging.

    • Call

      To check on any Syubhah ingredients or contamination during production, we always reach out to manufacturers for further confirmation.

    • Double-check

      We double check the snack's label and information provided by the manufacturer to ensure 100% cleanliness and safety for our Muslim customers!

    • Taste-testing

      Obviously, each snack gotta be super tasty. So the squad do a taste test of the snack that has been deemed safe to decide if it's worthy for a spot in the snack pack!

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    Muslim-friendly policy

    We are not a Halal certification organization; most of the included items are not halal-certified. BUT we curate based on this policy:

    • Each item is checked and verified by our Muslim staff
    • We check the labels and confirm with the manufacturers before use for ingredients and production lines
    • We only check the sources for the Doubtful ingredients and until their primary raw materials.

    Our selection of snacks are guaranteed:

    • No Alcohol Drinks

      If there's added-alcohol content like in soy sauce or miso, we make sure it's not from and does not use alcoholic drinks.

      We accept ingredients with alcohol that is not produce by alcoholic drinks or use alcohol drinks.

    • No Animal Ingredients

      Animal does not refer to seafood, milk, cheese, egg. Instead, this refers to animal ingredients like pig-based (e.g., pork or lard) and other non-halal animals, including halal animals that are not slaughtered according to Islamic law like chicken or cow

    • No Syubhah

      Doubtful ingredients refer to gelatine, shortening, emulsifier, etc. We only accept those confirmed to be plant-based/vegetable-derived

    • Safe From Cross Contamination

      • production line is 100% free from non-halal derivative products
      • production line shared with non-halal derivatives products, but they cleaned the line properly and it is free from cross-contamination

    What Do We Mean by Syubhah

    Syubhah means Doubtful ingredients with unknown base material. For example, a Shoyu (soy sauce) may contain alcohol in it. Hence, soy sauce with unconfirmed production status is considered Syubhah.

    In such cases, we confirm with the manufacturer:
    1) if the Shoyu use alcoholic drinks
    2) In the finished product, how much is the ethanol content in the Shoyu

    Another example is Emulsifier. Many food items contain this ingredient and it can be derived from animal or plants. In this case, we contact the manufacturer to check if the source is from plant/vegetable.

    To make sure about the sources of such Syubhah ingredients, the JAPANeid Curation team always contact the manufacturer by phone or e-mail beforehand.

    Our Muslim-related Activities

    Did you know? Before JAPANeid was launched, everything started from Salam Groovy Japan, a Muslim-friendly Japanese media outlet delivering Muslim-friendly/ Halal info of Japan. In hope of increasing the Muslim-friendly options of Japan, JAPANeid was born! 

    Salam Groovy Japan aspire to not only share information on the web, but also to connect with the Muslim community.
    In line with this, we have been engaged in contributing to the community with charitable activities, such as for Eid and Iftar.

    • Salam Groovy Japan gifted halal Hida beef for Ramadan (Iftar in 2020)
    • Eid gift for Muslims at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Eid2021)
    • Halal Japanese food to Muslim in Osaka for Eid (Eid2021)
    • Covid food aid for Muslims campaign via crowdfunding (2021)
    • Donation to Otsuka Masjid
    • Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai
    • 600 Japanese halal food donation (Eid2022)

    You can check out our sister media Salam Groovy Japan here!