Get Your Snacks to Your Doorstep Now!

    Ready for your munchies to zoom straight to your doorstep with just a few clicks? Let's go!

    Choose your Bundle

    1. Place your item in the cart and set the quantity

    2. Click "View Cart"

    Check out

    3. Choose "Shipping"

    4. Click "Check out"

    Choose your Payment

    5. You can shorten this step with express check out if you have the payment method listed (paypal/apple pay/google pay)


    Scroll down if you're not doing express check out

    Fill In Your Shipping Address

    6. Fill in your e-mail and shipping address

    7. Click "Continue shipping"

    Double Check Your Purchase

    Shipping fee will be listed here according to the address entered

    8. Double check the shipping info and Contact info

    9. Click "Continue to payment"

    Fill in Payment Info

    0. Choose between the available payment option

    11. Fill in the payment information

    Complete Payment!

    12. Click "Pay now"!

    (psstt... you can tick the "Remember me" button to save your current info to save time for your next purchase~)

    You're all set! Your snacks are waiting for you~

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