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    Japan Curry Rice Set

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    [status confirmed] may 2023

    Dig into a Spicy, Animal-Free Curry Stewed to Perfection

    How to Heat

    DO NOT THROW AWAY THIS CURRY BOX! (see heating instruction)
    Eat this curry together with the rice (included in the bag) after heating them.

    1. Open the lid from the front side. Make sure the yellow bag inside the curry box is facing upwards (the white line with ▲ is up).
    2. Place the entire box in the microwave, then heat it according to the “Heating Time Guide” (refer to paper in the set). The yellow bag will expand and releases steam.
    3. After heating is done, make sure the bag has deflated, then carefully remove it from the microwave.

    Caution: Beware of burns


    Carrots (Japan), Sautéed onions, Tomato paste, Chickpeas, Green beans, Apple pulp, Coconut cream, Tomato juice (tomato, tomato juice), Soybean, Curry powder, Sugar, Chutney, Starch, Table salt, Spices, Grated garlic, Grated ginger, Yeast extract/thickener (modified starch), Spice extracts, Paprika color, Acidity regulator, Apple extract (some parts contain soybean, banana, apple)


    • Common allergen
      Soybean, Banana, Apple

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★this product is animal-free, wheat-free and gluten-free
    ★production line shared with non-halal derivatives products, but they cleaned the line properly and it is SAFE from CC

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] may 2023

    Complete Your Curry Rice with 'Nigata-licious' Rice

    How to Heat

    This rice is made using Niigata's Koshihikari rice that can be heated by microwave.

    1. Open until the dotted line and take out the oxygen absorbent inside it.
    2. Put it into the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes (if you’re using a 500W-600W microwave)

    If you’re heating up by the stove, do not open the lid. Just put the whole rice pack in a pot filled with water. And heat up for 15 minutes.

    #FunFact: Koshihikari is a premium variety of Japonica rice, and particularly well-known in the Niigata Pref., Japan. Niigata's Koshihikari rice is highly regarded for its exceptional quality and taste.


    Uruchi rice (Koshihikari from Niigata)


    • Common allergen
      None in particular

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★100% safe from cross-contamination with non-halal ingredients

    [status confirmed] may 2023

    Experience Cheesecake Like No Other with A Peachy Twist

    Fun Fact

    This is a cup dessert that combines a rare cheesecake base with added peach juice and a white bean paste jelly.


    Natural cheese (Australia), Sugar, Isomerized liquid sugar, White bean paste (raw bean paste, sugar, reduced malt syrup, agar, salt), Malt syrup, Edible processed fat* (including dairy product), Peach concentrated juice, Agar, Konjac powder, Salt/gelling agent (modified starch, thickening polysaccharides), Sweeteners (sorbitol, sucralose, acesulfame K), Flavoring (from milk), Acidulant, Emulsifier*, Stabilizer (locust bean), Calcium lactate, Coloring (carotenoid)

    *see 'Other Confirmed Info'


    • Common allergen
      Dairy, Peach

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Edible processed fat, Emulsifier: plant-based
    ★100% safe from cross-contamination with non-halal ingredients

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