Muslim Tips on Finding Halal Food in Universal Studio Japan (Prayer Space Too)

    Muslim Tips on Finding Halal Food in Universal Studio Japan (Prayer Space Too)

    When you think of Osaka, Universal Studios Japan (a.k.a USJ) is one of the first places that comes to mind! While you can find many tips for this fun theme park, let's focus on what's missing and what's close to our hearts (and stomachs)―FOOD.

    Finding Muslim-friendly foods might be a challenge during your trip. While inside USJ may not have a designated Halal meal, but don't worry.
    Here are a few Muslim-friendly options you can consider
     to make your culinary journey as delightful as the rides themselves!

    Studio Star Restaurant: Curry Showtime!

    © Universal Studios Japan

    Our first stop is the Studio Star Restaurant, conveniently located near the entrance. There are special menus suitable for Muslims, but it's a bit like a secret menu!

    Just ask your friendly waiter for the Non-pork/Non-alcoholic menu. You can choose between Potato and Herb Curry or Curry with 9 Vegetables and Fruit (served with a drink of your choice and a small chocolate cake). 
    *Disclaimer: the curries are vegetable curries and do not contain other meat*

    Oh! You can also get this menu at Discovery Restaurant (in Jurassic Park area).

    © Universal Studios Japan


    Sip on Some "Butterbeer" Magic

    Wait, don't jump to conclusion yet!

    Despite the name, this drink is non-alcoholic (a.k.a no alcoholic drink, a.k.a. alcohol-free). Bursting with sweet flavors, this Harry Potter original drink has a heart-warming vanilla taste, topped with airy whipped cream. It's a must-try for all Harry Potter fans (and non-fans too) to complete your magical experience.

    Want More Alternatives? Seafood or Plant-based Menu!

    © Universal Studios Japan

    Seafood or plant-based menu is like all Muslims' plan B when there are no Halal foods around. If you're up for some ocean or plant-based delights, keep an eye out for those options scattered around USJ.

    Various restaurants like the Three Broomsticks (Harry Potter world) serves seafood dishes and you could ask for a plant-based menu.

    *Please ask the staff to check if the meal contains any alcohol.

    Bonus Tip: Pray First Then Play

    © Universal Studios Japan

    As Muslims, keeping up with prayers is important. While USJ doesn't have a designated prayer spaces, here's a nifty hack.

    • Family Service Room: Need a quiet spot for prayer? The Family Service Rooms offer a private space. It's not just for families; it's perfect for a peaceful moment amidst the park buzz.
    • Where is it? This family service room is located just by the entrance at the Hollywood area. Or located in Universal Wonderland's area.
      Hollywood area's Family Service Room
      Universal Wonderland area's Family Service Room
      © Universal Studios Japan

    Now you can get ready for your USJ adventure without the headache of finding a Muslim-friendly option! Have fun exploring USJ! 🎢🍛🍡

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