🥳JAPANeid featured in a Malaysian National News🥳

    🥳JAPANeid featured in a Malaysian National News🥳

    It's been just 5 months since we started JAPANeid, but guess what... We were featured on the news! Alhamdulillah~

    We were featured on a Malaysian National News called "BernamaTV" alongside our sister "Salam Groovy Japan" (which is a Japanese media introducing the Muslim-friendly and Halal resources in Japan)💕
    In the news, our Muslim staff (who is also our curation supervisor) shared about the "Halal" or "Islam" situation in Japan as she talks about JAPANeid.

    Just like she said, "Islam" and "Halal" is still not widely known in Japan. Since Japan is a Muslim-minority country, many also have doubts whether Japan actually has food Muslims can eat.
    Salam Groovy Japan have continued providing correct halal information in Japan to the local, while sharing the halal resources of Japan (halal restaurants, Muslim-friendly tourist spot, etc.) to the global audience. And throughout our media efforts, we found out there's actually tons of Japanese food and treats Muslims can actually enjoy

    That's why, we at JAPANeid, wants to share the wide variety of Japanese snacks and other products to everyone in the Muslim world^^
    Why not join us in our journey to discover the wondrous of dleicious Japanese delights with JAPANeid

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