Hello 2024! JAPANeid's January Snack Pack is Here!

    Hello 2024! JAPANeid's January Snack Pack is Here!

    Greetings, fellow snack enthusiasts! As we bid farewell to December, a new year unfolds before us, promising a fresh array of taste adventures.

    Let’s say Hello to 2024, and to JAPANeid's January pack!

     Click on the image below to claim January pack

    Featuring these delicious snacks that'll fill your new year with more festivity

    and much more~

    Don't miss out this January pack! Coz once it's gone, it's gone for good!

    • Order by the 10th for mid-January shipment.
    • Order by the 25th for end-of-January shipment.

    January brings with it a sense of renewal and excitement for the possibilities ahead. As we explore the contents of the Japaneid pack, let's savor the flavors that mark the beginning of a new year.

    Each bite is a step into the unknown, a culinary journey that mirrors the adventures that await us in the coming months. Click here to claim your January pack!

    This pack is eligible for Pray for Palestine Campaign where 10% of the proceeds will be donated.

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