Milky Chocolate Fun (Matcha)

    New limited-edition from this cute chocolate series!
    A matcha chocolate that's enjoyable for kids and adults, paired with milk cream and crispy biscuit—a new deliciousness awaits.

    Each chocolate has different faces, with short messages on the biscuit.

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] january 2024

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    Lactose (USA or New Zealand), Sugar, Vegetable oil, Wheat flour, Whole milk powder, Cocoa butter, Shortening, Sweetened condensed milk, Matcha, Isomerized liquid sugar, Salt, Heavy cream/ emulsifier, Leavening agent, Flavor, Color (caramel), (some parts contain dairy, wheat, soybean)


    • Common allergen:
      Dairy, Wheat, Soybean
    • May contain traces of:
      Egg, Peanuts

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Shortening, Emulsifier: plant-based
    ★Shared line with products containing non-halal ingredients but they clean the equipment/line properly and it is SAFE FROM CONTAMINATION