Microwave Veggie Curry (keema)

    Gluten free! You can even heat up the curry right inside its box using the microwave.

    Made with a rich blend of domestically grown onions and three types of beans, simmered to perfection. Enjoy the hearty texture and balanced medium-hot spiciness of this delicious keema curry.

    [status confirmed] may 2023

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    Sauteed onion (onion [Japan]), Chickpeas, Coconut cream, Tomato juice (tomatoes, tomato juice), Tomato paste, Soybean, Apple pulp, Curry powder, Sugar, Chutney, Adzuki beans, Salt, Mango puree, Apple paste, Starch, Grated garlic, Grated ginger, Yeast extract, Spices / thickener (processed starch), Paprika color, Acidulant, Apple extract, (some parts contain soybean, banana, apple)


    • Common allergen:
      Soybean, Banana, Apple

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★this product is animal-free, alcohol-free, wheat-free and gluten-free
    ★production line shared with non-halal derivatives products, but they cleaned the line properly and it is SAFE from CC