Clearance Sale #5

    We've added a bit more of the waffle and another freebie for you. You can check the info of those here too! ENJOY~💕

    • Muslim Staff Supervision

      Under the supervision of our Muslim staff, all items in this bundle have already been checked to have THE 3 NOs and SAFE from cross-contamination (CC)

      Please refer to our Muslim-friendly Policy for details

    • Snack Introduction

      Ingredients, allergen info and the date of when the snack was confirmed. Including instructions on how to eat the snack, if needed

    • Halal Status

      Marked with a STAR (★) is extra confirmed info (if any) about the item such as sources of doubtful ingredients, ethanol content, production line status

    Halal certified by JIT

    Perfect for On-The-Go Moments!

    Enjoy 100% fruit juice peach jelly with just one hand!

    [Ingredient]Peach concentrated juice (China), Glucose-fructose liquid sugar/gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides), pH adjusting agent, Flavoring, Antioxidant (Vitamin C) (contains peach in some parts).

    Certified halal in April 2022 by Japan Islamic Trust (JIT), a Japanese Islamic body accredited and recognized by EIAC, JAKIM (Malaysia), CICOT (Thailand), Ministry of Health Qatar and SFDA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    It may not bear a halal logo on the packaging but this is common in Japan; Many companies do not put the halal logo on the packaging despite already certified halal when they're selling within Japan.

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] june 2023

    Berry-licious Waffle Made with

    Fukuoka's Finest Amaou Strawberries

    [FunFact] AMAOU strawberry is a rare breed well-known for its redness, big round flesh and deliciousness
    [How to Eat] Refrigerate before eat. Our staff recommend toasting it
    Wheat flour (Japan), Margarine, Sugar, Egg, Milk, Strawberry jam (starch syrup, sugar, strawberry), Yeast, Processed strawberry juice, Milk, Salt, Processed dried strawberry / Emulsifier, Flavouring, Acidifier, Gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), Enzyme, Colouring (red yeast, lac), Vitamin C, (some contain eggs, dairy ingredients, wheat, soybean)
    [Allergen]Dairy, Soybean, Wheat, Egg

    Margarine, Emulsifier: plant-based
    100% safe from CC

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] march 2023

    Taste the Fun of Limited-Edition

    youkan (traditional Japanese jelly-like sweet): a rich sweet potato dessert!

    [Ingredient]Sugar, Raw bean paste (kidney bean, green pea), Sweet potato, Reduced sugar syrup, Agar agar, Salt / Sorbitol, Processed starch, Flavoring, Gardenia colour
    [Allergen]None in particular

    100% safe from CC

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] june 2023

    Munch on Mochi Magic:

    No Fake Flavorings, Just a True Taste of Rice in Every Bite!

    [Ingredient]Paddy glutinous rice (Japan), Vegetable oil, Salt
    [Allergen]None in particular

    100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] april 2023

    Enjoy the Crispy Goodness

    of this senbei crackers

    [Ingredient]Wheat flour (Japan), Sugar, Chicken eggs, Margarine (contains soy), Honey, Matcha powder, Processed milk, Chlorella, Salt/leavening agent
    [Allergen]Wheat, Milk, Soybean, Soybean

    Margarine: plant-based
    ★100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] february 2023

    Awaken Your Taste Buds with

    this Osaka's Awaokoshi - a burst of tradition & zesty ginger taste

    [FunFact] Awaokoshi is cereal puffs, candied and compressed into bars, which is one of Japan's oldest known sweets.
    Rice, Sugar, Starch syrup, Ginger, Black sesame seeds

    100% safe from CC

    Hope You Enjoy This Freebie

    [status confirmed] february 2023

    Explore the Whimsy of Ramune Candies

    in a bottle that oozes nostalgic vibes!

    [FunFact] Ramune is a Japanese carbonated drink, often drink in summer. From long before, this drink comes in a unique bottle which a marble will appear once you push the lid down.This candy is packed in a container that resembles that iconic ramune drink bottle.
    Glucose (domestic), Corn starch (non GMO), Starch degradation product/Acidulant, Flavoring
    [Allergen]None in particular

    100% safe from CC