Pray for Palestine: Charity Campaign for Selected Bundles

    Pray for Palestine: Charity Campaign for Selected Bundles

    O Allah, help and protect the people of Palestine. O Allah, ease their pain and suffering. O Allah, bestower of Mercy, bestow your mercy on them. O Allah, open people's hearts to give in this time of crisis. O Allah, help those who are in need, wherever they may be. Ameen!

    The Middle East's simmering tensions have escalated, worsening the dire situation in Gaza. Civilians are facing major airstrikes, with reports of hundreds of citizens including children losing their lives and thousands being injured. 

    In the light of this situation, JAPANeid would like to extend our support however we can. Hence, 10% of our proceeds from these three select bundles will be donated through Nihon (Japan) UNICEF.

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    Monthly Snack Bundle: JAPANeid


    Halal Ramen-Joying


    JAPANeid Bounty #9 [SOLD OUT]

      Our hearts and prayers goes to the children, families and everyone affected by this humanitarian crisis. Let's pray for everyone! 

      Our team has been engaging in charity activities for the Muslim community since the launch of our sister Muslim-friendly media 'Salam Groovy Japan'.

      • Gifted halal Hida beef for Ramadan (Iftar in 2020)

      • Eid gift for Muslims at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Eid2021)

      • Halal Japanese food to Muslim in Osaka for Eid (Eid2021)

      • Covid food aid campaign for struggling Muslims via crowdfunding (2021)

      • Donation to Otsuka Masjid

      • Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai

      • 600 Japanese halal food donation (Eid2022)

      You can check out our sister media Salam Groovy Japan here!

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