6 Best Halal Japanese Treats for Your Kids As Souvenirs

    6 Best Halal Japanese Treats for Your Kids As Souvenirs

    Don't know what to give your kids as souvenir from Japan? How about the classic choice—SNACKS! Every kids love some good munchies.
    I know many parents may don't want to give too much snacks because they worry about the nutritional value. But snack for kids in Japan goes beyond just sugar and unhealthy munchies.

    You'll be surprised with how creative Japan gets manufacturing fun and beneficial snacks for kids. Here are 6 Halal/Muslim-friendly Japanese treats to bring home for your little ones.

    Muslim-friendly disclaimer

    Our Muslim staffs have checked and confirmed that all of these snacks are safe to consume for Muslims. But, do note that we are not a certifying body and that the information we have derived is from checking the ingredient labels and from the manufacturer.

    You can check our policy here.

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    1. Family Bonding Time—DIY Strawberry Cone Treat
    2. Shin Chan Candy Full of Vitamin D
    3. Nutritional & DeliciousーChocolate Cone Wafer
    4. Classic Childhood Candy You'd Want to Collect
    5. Strawberry Wafer That Swims in Your Mouth
    6. Gotta Catch em' All! Pokemon Rice Cookie

    Family Bonding TimeーDIY Strawberry Cone Treat

    Japan is quite well known for its DIY snacks and this is one of them. All you have to do is add a few drops of water and boom—you get a full-fledged snack! This particular DIY snack is shaped like a cute lil cone and has a fizzy strawberry taste. Enjoy a fun family-time with your kids as you make this DIY snack together.

    Shin Chan Candy Full of Vitamin D

    Who else here grew up watching Shin Chan? This cute star-shaped Shin Chan chocolate candy is developed as a "nutritional functional food" containing vitamin D specialized for children.
    Yep, that's right, it's delicious, cute, and packed with nutrients for your kids~

    Nutritional & DeliciousーChocolate Cone Wafer

    Speaking about nutritional functional food, this chocolate cone wafer is one snack that your little one shouldn't miss. This wafer is packed with aerated chocolate (so light, it practically floats) that's infused with calcium and magnesium. Perfect for the growth spurt of your little ones~

    Classic Childhood Candy You'd Want to Collect

    Everyone who grew up in Japan probably have tried this candy before. This cute canned shaped candy is a childhood classic since 1978. It's so cute and pocketable that you might want to collect them all.

    Strawberry Wafer That Swims in Your Mouth

    While Japanese fish-shaped cake, taiyaki, traditionally is filled with red bean, this unique taiyaki-shaped wafer offers a delicious twist.
    Within the crispy monaka wafer shell lies a delightful surprise – airy strawberry chocolate mousse infused with calcium that melts in your mouth. It's cute, nutritional, delicious—all in one package!

    Halal-certified Pokemon rice cookie―the ultimate treat for aspiring little Pokémon trainers! This cookie is halal certified by *NAHA.
    Inside each box, you'll discover not one, but two exciting flavors: COCONUT and STRAWBERRY.

    But wait, there's more! This rice cookie is allergen free, so parents can rest assured as this snack is safe for kids with allergy.
    *NAHA is a Japanese halal certifying body with mutual accreditation with Malaysia’s JAKIM, Singapore’s MUIS and Thailand’s CICOT. 


    So, whether your little one is a fan of Pokémon, Shin Chan, or simply loves indulging in delicious snacks, these Muslim-friendly options are a must-try that provide a wholesome and enjoyable snacking experience.

    Have a fun Halal Japan trip!

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