Must-Try Halal Japanese Snacks February 2024!

    Must-Try Halal Japanese Snacks February 2024!

    Salam, snack enthusiast brothers and sisters. Are you traveling to Japan this February? Finding Halal snack is not an easy task in Japan. So, here are some Muslim-friendly snacks recommendation you should try while you're in Japan in February. All of these snacks are perfect for souvenir too~

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    1. Strawberry Season! Celebrate with a Limited Edition Snack!
    2. Cookie from THAT Famous Japanese Coffeehouse
    3. Rice Cracker All The Way From Hokkaido
    4. Rice Cracker That You and Your Grandma Would Love
    5. Muslim-friendly disclaimer

    Strawberry Season! Celebrate with a Limited Edition Snack!

    As February unfolds, Japan's landscapes transform into a sea of luscious strawberries, and what better way to celebrate this delightful season than with an exclusive treat?

    This is a limited edition strawberry snack that you just can't miss out. It has a sweet strawberry cream sandwiched between biscuits. We tried this snack and it's absolutely berry-licious!

    Cookie from THAT Famous Japanese Coffeehouse

    If you're a coffee-lover and planning to have a coffee break during your trip, you might stumble upon Doutor Coffee chain a lot of time. Doutor is the BIGGEST domestic coffee chain in Japan. They're known for their quality, so you can't go wrong with this cookie.

    Hokkaido Rich Soybean Rice Cracker

    This is a traditional rice cracker made with soybean from Hokkaido Tokachi Plains. Each cracker is wrapped individually in a paper packaging (super luxurious indeed, but won't broke your wallet) making it perfect for a souvenir snack. It's salted just right to complement the nutty soybean richness, it will leave you wanting more.

    Timeless Sweet Salty Rice Cracker

    This rice cracker has been around since 1978! But don't be fooled by its looks. It may be but it's packed with flavors. 
    It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory, you just gotta try it out yourself.
    Trust meーyour grandma and your kids will love this ><

    So, which snack would you like to try in Japan?

    Muslim-friendly disclaimer

    Our Muslim staffs have checked and confirmed that all of these snacks are safe to consume for Muslims. But, do note that we are not a certifying body and that the information we have derived is from checking the ingredient labels and from the manufacturer.

    You can check our policy here.

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