Turkey(Türkiye)-Syria Earthquake Donation Complete

    Turkey(Türkiye)-Syria Earthquake Donation Complete

    We have completed the donation for the Turkey(Türkiye)-Syria Earthquake, which occurred in February 2023. 

    Email notification of the donation from Japan UNICEF

    As some of you may know, we've been crowdfunding on Launchgood (a Muslim-oriented crowdfunding platform) from April 2023 to launch the JAPANeid brand. 
    In response to the devastating earthquake, we've donated a portion of the funds we've collected during that time for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake through Japan UNICEF.

    While there was a delay between the donation and the application process, alhamdulillah, all transactions have been successfully processed.

    Receipt of the transaction

    SubhanAllah! We sincerely thank all the customers who made purchases and supported us during this period. 

    We're also deeply concerned about the situation in Palestine, and as part of our efforts to show support, we've initiated a charity campaign. When you purchase certain bundles from us, a portion of the proceeds will be donated through Japan UNICEF to contribute to the cause.

    Pray for Palestine Campaign

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