What is OMAKASE?

    Imagine dining at a Japanese restaurant where the chef takes charge and creates a personalized culinary just for you. That's Omakase! Derived from the Japanese term "Omakase shimasu(お任せします)meaning entrusting the order to a chef.

    Why OMAKASE System?

    Some countries have certain item prohibition and not everyone knows which item is prohibited in their country. This may make some of you hesitant to buy snacks from us.


    Inspired by the Omakase dining experience, we came up with this system to bring you a taste of Japan's Omakase culture, while making sure everyone get the snack packs they deserved!

    • From Our Selection That Have Been Deemed Muslim-Friendly... Our monthly pack (20 items) will come with a certain amount of fixed items.

    • This is where the fun begins: Out of the items included in our monthly pack, it will also contain some mystery items!

    • So, don't be shocked if your snack packs have different items (that's your special mystery items 😉)

      Just like leaving the menu to the chef, you can OMAKASE to us!

    Eat Halal・Have fun・Enjoy

    So, Ready For the Surprise?

    Your pack is waiting for you!