JAPANeid Goodie Bites

    Discover Muslim-friendly and halal Japanese treats delivered to your door steps straight from Japan. Supervised by our Muslim staff, we curate our bundles with all kinds of treats, after checking they don't contain non-halal derivatives and safe from cross contamination.

    • All Items Checked

      All items in this edition have already been checked to have THE 3 NOs and SAFE from cross-contamination (CC)

      Please refer to our Muslim-friendly Policy for details

    • Snack Introduction

      Ingredients, allergen info and the date of when the halal status was confirmed. Including instructions on how to eat the snack, if needed

    • Halal Status

      Marked with a STAR (★) is extra confirmed info (if any) about the item such as sources of doubtful ingredients, ethanol content, production line status


    Get Cheesy with This Golden-

    Brown Chocolate Heaven. You May Melt, But It Won't (^_-)

    [FunFact] Apparently, this treat won't melt?!
    Vegetable oil (Japan), Sugar, Whole milk powder, Lactose, Cocoa butter, Cheddar cheese powder/cellulose, Emulsifier, Paprika colour, Flavouring, (some ingredients contain dairy, soybean)
    [Allergen]Dairy, Soybean

    Emulsifier: plant-based
    Flavouring: ethanol content below 0.1%
    100% safe from CC

    Which Flavour Did You Get?

    Inside your JAPANeid Goodie, you will receive ONE out of the three flavours below.

    Pop! Fizz! Boom! as Your Mouth Do the Tango with These Mysterious Ramune Candies >< [FunFact] Ramune is an iconic Japanese fizzy drink given by its unique glass bottle that pops up a marble when you push the lid.
    [How to Eat] We recommend putting them in small amount to test their popping prowess first. They can also be used as toppings!


    Does Your Mouth Fizzes With Cola-tastic?!

    [Ingredient]Starch syrup, Sugar, Lactose, Flavoring, Caramel colouring, Carbon dioxide <Ramune> Glucose, Starch, Acidulant, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Coloring (anthocyanins, flavonoids)

    Emusifier: plant-based
    100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] July 2023

    Is Your Taste Buds Tickled with Soda-licious?!

    [Ingredient]Sugar (Japan), Starch syrup, Lactose, Starch/acidifier, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Coloring (gardenia, anthocyanin, flavonoids), Carbon dioxide

    ★Emusifier: plant-based
    100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] July 2023

    Is Your Mouth Getting Some Grape Action?!

    [Ingredient] <Candy> Starch syrup, Sugar, Lactose, Flavoring, Coloring (anthocyanin, safflower), Carbon Dioxide <Ramune> Glucose, Starch, Acidulant, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Coloring (anthocyanin, flavonoid)
    [Allergen] Dairy

    Emusifier: plant-based
    100% safe from CC

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