Autumn Special! Sweet Chestnut Chocolate

    Enjoy the harmonious blend of crispy whole-wheat biscuits and the gentle sweetness of chestnut chocolate in every bite.

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] october 2023

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    Sugar (Thailand, Japan), Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Dextrin, Whole milk powder, Shortening, Whole wheat flour, Cocoa butter, Lactose, Wheat bran, Cocoa powder, Whey powder (contains milk), Salt, Chestnut powder, Creaming powder (contains milk) / processed starch, Emulsifier (soybean), Leavening agent, Flavor, Antioxidant (Vitamin E)


    • Common allergen:
      Dairy, Wheat, Soybean
    • May contain traces of:

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Shortening: plant-based
    ★Emulsifier: soybean (plant-based)

    ★100% safe from cross-contamination with non-halal ingredients