Choco Fusion Traditional Yokan

    Is it chocolate? Is it yokan?

    This sweet adds the rich taste of chocolate to the classic yokan, creating a delightful fusion of Japanese tradition and modern chocolate indulgence. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth or a love for chocolate!

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] october 2023

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    What is Yokan

    Yokan (or Youkan) is a traditional Japanese sweet, traditionally made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar. It has a firm jelly-like texture and a subtly sweet flavor.


    Sugar (Thailand or South Korea), Sweet red bean paste, Starch syrup, Cocoa mass, Agar-agar / sweetener (sorbitol), Flavor, Emulsifier


    • Common allergen:
      None in particular

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Emulsifier: plant-based
    ★shared line with products containing non-halal ingredients but they clean the line properly and it is SAFE from CONTAMINATION