Peach Shortcake Tea Time Cracker

    Newly launched in February 2024!

    Enjoy tea time with the sweet Japanese white peaches and the creamy richness of milk. It's like enjoying a white peach shortcake but in a crunchy cracker form.

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] march 2024

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    Wheat flour (Japan), Sugar, Processed fat, Shortening, Skim milk powder, Glucose-fructose syrup, Dairy products (cream, skim milk, lactose, sugar), White peach juice powder, Salt, Malt extract, Fermenting agent, Leavening agent, Emulsifier (soybean), Flavor, Beetroot color


    • Common allergen:
      Wheat, Dairy, Soybean, Peach
    • May contain traces of:
      Shrimp, Crab, Egg

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Processed fat, Shortening: plant-based
    ★Emulsifier: from soybean (plant-based)
    ★Fermenting agent: does not contain any alcohol

    ★shared line with products containing non-halal ingredients but they clean the line properly and it is SAFE from CONTAMINATION