Hello Kitty Can Candy

    Have you spotted Kitty and Mimmy yet?

    Beloved across generations from kids to adults, you can even search for hidden Kitty and Mimmy on the packaging. It's the perfect souvenir from Japan!

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] march 2024

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    Each can contains strawberry, melon, peach, lemon, pineapple, apple, grape, and orange.


    Sugar (Japan), Corn syrup, Fruit juice (strawberry, pineapple, lemon, orange, apple, melon, grape, peach), Acidity regulator, Flavor, Color (anthocyanin, paprika extract, carotene, annatto, red yeast rice, safflower yellow), (some contains orange, peach, apple)


    • Common allergen:
      Orange, Peach, Apple

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★shared line with products containing non-halal ingredients but they clean the line properly and it is SAFE from CONTAMINATION