DIY Super Mario Gummy

    You can create your own gummy in easy steps.

    Just mix the flavors around to create your own Mario stages with a new "coloring experience" and the surprising sensation of "Star Fizz Powder"!

    Don't forget to take the English instruction paper on how to make this when you buy it.

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] january 2024

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    Sugar (Japan), Glucose, Dextrin / thickener (modified starch), Acidulant, Flavor, Baking soda, Sweetener (aspartame-L-phenylalanine compound), Color (annatto, spirulina blue, red yeast rice, vegetable colors, silver)


    • Common allergen:
      None in particular
    • May contain traces of:

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★100% safe from cross-contamination with non-halal ingredients