JAPANeid Bounty #3

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      Ingredients, allergen info and the date of when the snack was confirmed. Including instructions on how to eat the snack, if needed

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    [status confirmed] April 2023

    Crunchy and Light: Savory Grilled

    shrimp-flavored rice crackers with a delightful crunch!

    [Ingredient]Starch (Japan), Vegetable oil, Rice flour, Edible processing oil, Salt, Shrimp powder, Flavoring oil (contains wheat, shrimp, soy), Shrimp seasoning (contains soy), Kelp powder, Green seaweed powder/sorbitol, Emulsifier (soybean), Processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Flavoring (shrimp-derived), Cellulose, Antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C), Coloring agents (carotenoids, turmeric), Microcrystalline silica
    [Allergen]Wheat, Shrimp, Soybean

    100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] June 2023

    Summer Exclusive! These Biscuits are

    filled with a hint of sweet and tangy ramune-flavored cream.

    [FunFact] Ramune is a type of Japanese fizzy drink, often drink in summer
    Wheat flour (Japan), Shortening, Sugar, Lactose, Whey powder (contains milk components), Salt, Dextrin/trehalose, Leavening agent, Coloring (annatto), Flavoring, Emulsifier (soybean), Acidulant
    [Allergen]Wheat, Soybean

    100% safe from CC


    Just Pop Open the Can! You'll Have

    Kyoto-style tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) ready to savor.

    [FunFact]This item has a shelf-life of 3 years
    [How to Eat] Taste better when heated in a microwave. Open the can and transfer the egg onto a microwave-safe dish.
    Microwave for about 1-min or 1-min 30-secs
    [Ingredient]Chicken egg, Dashi broth, Fermented seasoning, Starch, Salt, Bonito extract, Malt syrup, Seafood extract, Yeast extract, Kelp extract, Soybean oil, Processed starch, pH adjusting agent, Seasoning (amino acids), Glycine, Sodium acetate (some contains wheat, mackerel)
    [Allergen]None in particular

    manufacture line shared with products containing non-halal ingredients but, they properly cleaned the line/equipment and this item is SAFE FROM CC

    [status confirmed] May 2023

    Rich Flavor Infused with Sichuan Peppercorns!

    Supervised by a Tokyo vegan restaurant. No chemical seasonings!

    [Ingredient]Noodles (wheat flour, salt, soy dietary fiber), Soup (sesame, salt, sugars, vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, sesame oil), Yeast extract, Bean paste, Onion powder, Spices, Flavoring oil, Sweet bean sauce, Hydrolyzed protein, Shiitake mushroom extract), Toppings (textured soy protein, chingensai, edamame, sesame, spices)/alkaline agent, thickening polysaccharides, caramel color, antioxidant (Vitamin E), acidulant, capsicum color, spice extracts (some contains wheat, sesame, soybean)
    [Allergen]Milk, Egg, Soybean, Almond

    shared with products containing non-halal ingredients, but they cleaned the line properly and it is SAFE from CC

    [status confirmed] June 2023

    Rice Cracker That's Crispy Outside,

    soft inside - a delightful blend of macadamia nuts and rice.

    [Ingredient]Glutinous rice flour (Japanese-grown glutinous rice), Vegetable oil, Macadamia nuts, Glutinous rice (Japan), Starch, Salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)
    [Allergen]Egg, Milk, Wheat, Peanuts, Shrimp, Crab

    100% Safe from CC

    [STATUS CONFIRMED] April 2023

    Japan All-Time Favorite! Bite-sized

    coconut sablé cookies - perfect for snacking any time.

    [Ingredient]Wheat flour (Japan), Sugar, Shortening, Coconut oil, Coconut, Salt, Skimmed milk powder / leavening agent, Emulsifier (soybean), Flavouring
    [Allergen]Wheat, Dairy, Soybean

    Shortening: palm (plant-based)
    100% safe from CC

    [status confirmed] Feb. 2023

    Crave-worthy Nutty

    goodness in this choco-almond delights!

    Ingredient] Roasted almonds (domestic), Sugar, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Malt puff (wheat flour, starch, malt extract, salt), Vegetable oil, Cocoa butter, Lactose, Syrup / Emulsifier (soybean), Brightener, Thickener (gum arabic), Leavening agent, Flavouring, Caramel colour
    [Allergen]Almond, Soybean

    manufactured using same equipment with items containing egg, cashew nuts

    Halal certified by NAHA

    Triangle Magic: Transform into

    onigiri with water or hot water

    [How to Eat] Please scan the QR Code on the paper inside your pack
    Japanese-grown polished rice, Flavored dried ingredients (salmon, salt, reduced malt syrup) / Seasoning (amino acids), Trehalose, Red koji colorant, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), (some contains salmon)

    Halal by Nippon Asia Halal Association (Japanese halal body with mutual accreditation of overseas halal cert. bodies incl. JAKIM & MUIS)


    Gotta Catch 'em All! Crack Open

    the chocolaty shell to reveal the hidden Pokémon inside!

    [How to EatHighly recommended to refrigerate before eat
    Quasi-chocolate (sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, others) (Japan), Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, others), Wheat puff (wheat flour, corn starch, others)/emulsifier, Flavouring, Leavening agent, Colouring (safflower yellow, carotenoids), (some contains dairy, wheat)
    [Allergen] None in particular

    Emulsifier: plant-based
    100% safe from CC