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    For Local Delivery, have you checked with your accommodation (hotel, etc) on how far in advance can they accept delivery goods?

    For Local Delivery, if you cannot receive the package on the requested arrival date due to a change in your stay schedule, please keep in mind that the responsibility will be at your own expense.

    Cannot check out or item out-of-stock? Contact us HERE. We're ready to help!

    Crafted from Niigata-produced rice flour, these Pokémon Rice Cookies are allergy-friendly (including nut-free in the strawberry flavor) and certified Halal by NAHA. Cute and tasty!

    • 1 box contains 20 cookies

    *Halal-certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA) , a Japanese halal certifying body with mutual accreditation with Malaysia’s JAKIM, Singapore’s MUIS and Thailand’s CICOT. It is one of the few organisations that has developed a Muslim-friendly standard for accommodation and restaurant businesses in Japan.

    ⁕For every purchase, you'll receive an English Halal Snack Guide with info, like the full ingredients, eating instructions, sources of doubtful ingredients and more, via your email accordingly.

    Save time! Get delivered to your hotel!

    For Hotel Drop (local delivery), please CONFIRM the below first with your hotel/accommodation in advance before order.

    • How far in advance the hotel can accept delivery goods? (because some hotel in Japan doesn't accept delivery goods)
    When can I make an order?
    • Delivery to regions other than Hokkaido/Okinawa

    Make sure to place an order at least 2 business days before your desired arrival date

    • Delivery to Hokkaido/Okinawa

    Make sure to place an order at least 4 business days before your desired arrival date

    What is your Muslim-friendly/Halal Policy?

    Supervised by our Muslim staff, we only accept items that have the 3 NOs and safe from cross-contamination.

    See full policy HERE

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    Customer Reviews

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    I am totally happy and satisfied with the service provided by Japaneid especially Iman who had gone a long way to assist me in my ordering and delivery. If not for the possible arrangements, I might not be able to bring home the snacks for souvenirs to my siblings and Muslim friends. If more variety is offered that would be great.
    TQ Iman. TQ Japaneid.