Have A Fun Snack Festival

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    Fun DIY Soft Cream Snack x 1 pack
    Umami-filled Grilled Fish Snack x 1 pack
    Lovable Shin Chan Cocoa Candy x 1 pack
    Japan-Top Crunchy Chocolate Bar x 1pc
    Japan's Classic Ramune Candy x 1 bottle
    Kelp-infused Wholly Potato Chips x 1 bag
    Golden Brown Cheesy Chocolate x 2pcs

    ⁕For every purchase, you'll receive an English Halal Snack Guide with info, like the full ingredients, eating instructions, sources of doubtful ingredients and more, via your email accordingly.

    Snack Fest! Order by 11/3 for Mid-March Delivery

    Treat yourself to the Happy Festi-Munch🎉a Muslim-friendly bundle of 8 Japanese treats that're sure to bring you joy with each bite!

    Inspired by the Japanese festival coat "Happi", you'll get the snacks packed with a smile in a bag just like the original coat. You can choose from two colors: Red💕 or Blue💙
    Get munchies, get 'Happy', for only five bucks!

    📅Orders open until 11 March

    • Order by 11/3 and get yours delivered by mid-March
    • Orders from 12-25 March will be delivered by end-March

    What is your Muslim-friendly/Halal Policy?

    Supervised by our Muslim staff, we only accept items that have the 3 NOs and safe from cross-contamination.

    See full policy HERE


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    We only ship bulk purchases that are going to the same address.

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    For more details, visit our FAQ page. Need help? Simply contact us via chat, email, or social media.

    8 exclusive Muslim-friendly snacks
     Personal link to English details of each item
     Bulk purchase MAX 6 for all bundles
     Biweekly shipping: mid-month & end-month
     International shipping directly from Japan

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