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    Calcium-rich Strawberry Airy Choco Wafer

    This Japanese wafer is shaped like a taiyaki (popular Japanese street food shaped like a fish), filled with an airy strawberry mousse.


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    Fun Fact

    This snack also has a rare wafer with heart-designed scales on it. Did you get it?

    It is also calcium-enriched, with more calcium than a whole sardine*

    *Calcium comparison:

    • Sardine - 36mg (calculated for a 120g fish with 48g edible portion)
    • This snack- 40mg per piece (for 16.5g)


    Wafer (wheat flour, sugar, starch, vegetable oil, salt) (Japan), Lactose, Cocoa butter, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Whole milk, Dried strawberries / modified starch, Flavor, Emulsifier (soybean), Color (beet red, red koji), Calcium carbonate (shell-derived), Leavening agent, Acidulant


    • Common allergen:
      Dairy, Wheat, Soybean
    • May contain traces of:
      Egg, Peanut

    Other Confirmed Info

    ★Emulsifier: from soybean (plant-based)
    ★they properly clean the production line for every product change, and it is SAFE from cross-contamination

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