Muslim-friendly Osaka Souvenir Shop Now Bigger & Better!

    Muslim-friendly Osaka Souvenir Shop Now Bigger & Better!

    Want some Muslim-friendly/halal souvenirs from Japan? Don't know where to look for halal snacks? Just visit JAPANeid Kiosk in Osaka!
    With the warm support from our customers, the shop has moved to a bigger space with more snacks from the 11th floor to the 9th FLOOR

    Bigger Space! Right In Front of Elevator

    Still in the same building (within walkable distance from Glico sign at Dotonbori), the shop has moved to the 9th Floor. It's just right in front of the elevator, so you won't miss it.

    The store can even fit a group of customers now. You can rest as you shop and try some samples before buying. Just ask our staff for some samples (don't worry, the staff can speak English, Malay, Indonesian)
    If you don't have the energy to carry all your purchases, just get your purchases delivered overseas or to your hotel (but make sure to confirm with your hotel first if they accept delivery goods or not).


    More Snacks! More Varieties!

    With the bigger space, there are more yummy modern snacks like seasonal Pocky, Anime candies, special edition cookies from Hokkaido and more. 

    Of course, you can also get something more traditional like Yokan (Japanese jelly-like sweet), Senbei (rice cracker) and MOCHI!
    To reassure our Muslim customers, you can even check the halal status of each product by scanning the QR code on each price tag. All snacks have been checked by our Muslim staff (check our policy for more)

    Prayer Space Ready For U (with wudu facility inside)

    As a Muslim, praying 5 times a day is important. Inside the shop, there's a prayer space (musolla) for our Muslim customers to pray. We've also prepared a facility for customers to take wudu inside the prayer space.

    If you want to pray, be sure to ask the staff first ^^

    Game On with Japanese Festival Game

    When in Japan, why not try a shooting game to get free snacks?! This shooting game is a common game you often see in Japanese festivals.

    What you need to do is:

    1. Post on social media/story as you shopping and tag @japaneid
    2. Get 1 free snack and 3 chances for the shooting game

    If you manage to shoot down the snacks within 3 chances, you can bring them home for free.

    If you're in Osaka and looking for Muslim-friendly snacks and treats to bring home, be sure to visit JAPANeid Kiosk! See you at the shop (^_-)-☆

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