JAPANeid KioskーSnack Souvenir Shop For Every Muslim Travelers

    JAPANeid KioskーSnack Souvenir Shop For Every Muslim Travelers

    BIG NEWS📢for JAPANeid fam and all Muslim-travelers👀
    If you're traveling to Japan, you don't need to worry about where to purchase your souvenir snack anymore, because JAPANeid is gearing up for a new chapter dedicated for Muslim travelers which is...

    Alhamdulillah, JAPANeid will soon be able to offer walk-ins🤩🤩 with JAPANeid Kiosk! That's right! A Halal/Muslim-friendly Japanese snack souvenir shop for every Muslim travelers.

    What is JAPANeid Kiosk?

    JAPANeid Kiosk is JAPANeid's offline walk-in store where you can purchase muslim-friendly Japanese snacks. Each snack has been curated and checked to be safe for consumption for Muslim. So, you can shop and snack with ease.

    Free sample for each snacks is provided too in JAPANeid Kiosk, you can ask the staff for some snack sample.

    Prayer space and wifi provided

    For the comfort of your Shopping, JAPANeid Kiosk provided a prayer space and wifi for every visitor to use. You can let the staff know if you need to use them.

    Where can I find JAPANeid Kiosk?

    JAPANeid Kiosk will be located in Osaka, 8~10 minutes walk from Glico sign, a famous tourist spot in Osaka. You can click the button below for more details about how to go to JAPANeid Kiosk:

    When can I go to JAPANeid Kiosk?

    You can walk-in and buy muslim-friendly snacks at:

    • Open:
      • Monday~Friday
      • 11:30 a.m. ~ 06.00 p.m.
    • Close:
      • Saturday, Sunday, Japan public holiday

    When is the opening?

    Soft-opening of JAPANeid Kiosk will be at 15th of February 2024. What's more, there'll be a soft-opening free snack campaign! You can get a free snack if you post about your visit on JAPANeid


    See you all at February 15th!

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