Halal Souvenirs Delivered: Now Straight to Your Hotel in Japan!

    Halal Souvenirs Delivered: Now Straight to Your Hotel in Japan!

    👋 Konnichiwa, wonderful travelers! Your wishes have reached us, and we're excited to share some fantastic news!
    Introducing Hotel Drop – a service tailored to your desires and crafted just for you.

    🚚 From Japan's Heart to Your Hotel Door 🍬🌈

    Hotel Drop isn't just a service; it's a journey through flavors, cultures, and sweet delights. We're here to bring the best of Muslim-friendly/Halal goodies right to your hotel, no matter where you are in Japan!

    Now, you can choose between Pickup in Osaka or the magical Hotel Drop for your halal souvenirs.

    🔍 Simple Tips for a Smooth Ride 🧚‍♂️✨

    Before you dive into the magic, here are a few easy notes for a hassle-free experience with JAPANeid Hotel Drop service:

    • 🏨 Hotel Pre-Confirmation: Confirm with your hotel before ordering (some places in Japan don't accept delivery goods). Ensure they're on board with the joy we're about to deliver! 😉
    • Time Your Delivery: To ensure a smooth journey, order at least 3-4 business days before your desired arrival date. (some areas like remote islands must be 14 business days before)
    • 📦 Just a Little Size Note: Our box can hold a lot of snacks! If your order exceeds this box, a separate charge will apply (the pricing on the table is tax-included).

      this box is for reference

    Ready to start this magical adventure? Choose your favorites, and let the journey unfold! 🚚🛍️

    JAPANeid Hotel Drop – Because Every Journey Deserves a Touch of Magic! 🌟🚚

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